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Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in the post of Executive Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality, a key leadership role as part of our Board of Directors and our Executive Leadership Team.

Our strategic vision at Nottinghamshire Healthcare is ‘To make a difference to the communities we serve by delivering the highest quality physical and mental healthcare to our patients, and by tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access’.

Strong, credible clinical leadership is absolutely critical to being able to realise this ambition.  I am looking for an experienced, inspirational and values based leader to provide strategic direction and leadership for our nursing and AHP colleagues, as well as providing executive ownership for several important agendas.

Our national and regional footprints for some services demonstrate that collaboration is important to us, and we are members of a number of formal and informal partnerships which span a wider breadth than the usual integrated care systems. 

As well as the information pack, I have also recorded a short video which aims to give you a little more detail.  If after looking through the pack and watching the video this sounds like the role for you, and you have the skills and passion to succeed in an organisation which truly wants to make a difference, please get in touch.

Yours sincerely

Ifti Majid
Chief Executive

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